Daisy Voxbox…

...for the win!  Ahhhh! I can't believe I won a Voxbox! When I got the email to complete a short survey to see if I'd even be entered into the running, I didn't think I'd get the box. But when the second email came, I knew!  The first thing you should know about this box... Continue Reading →


The best things in life….

...are free! Or at least a little free. As a poor witch living life, I'm always looking for bargains and treasures. I'm always heading to local vintage shops to find whatever I can for my altar or just cool things for my home. I went on a search to try new products for free and... Continue Reading →


...are a girl's best friend.  I've been collecting crystals now for a little over a year. One of my best friends (sister really) introduced me to the crystal world. I've never looked back since. You see, crystals are simply amazing. Crystals have their own vibrations and healing powers. I know that a lot of people... Continue Reading →

The truth about me…

...is simple. I'm your average woman with big ideas while living in an old, sleepy town. There's nothing too special about my life although I do have a wonderful family and lots of cool friends. Pretty typical. I'm the only one in my family to go to college and go on to receive my masters... Continue Reading →

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