The truth about me…

…is simple. I’m your average woman with big ideas while living in an old, sleepy town. There’s nothing too special about my life although I do have a wonderful family and lots of cool friends. Pretty typical. I’m the only one in my family to go to college and go on to receive my masters degree. I’ve yet to move back to my hometown for fear that I will never leave like most of those who I remember from high school.

But that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about my adventures in life. Most recently, I’ve turned to witchcraft. I know what you’re thinking: that was quite a leap. Well…over time you’ll find out why I turned to witchcraft and how I found to control my life and gain the confidence in every aspect of my life. Because that’s what witchcraft did for me. It’s different for everyone, so this in no way represents every person’s experience who found witchcraft in their own way.

And before I go on, being a witch is not what you see in the movies. Being a witch for me, was to get in tune with nature and myself. Finding what I needed to create a balance within and take control of my life at a time when I felt I had none. I remember the first day I called myself a witch. It was actually a dark and stormy night (oddly enough). I was staying at my boyfriend’s house when I suddenly decided to create a spell. At the same moment his power had gone out and the house was completely dark. Surrounded by candles, I conducted my spell and upon finishing I felt a shiver pass through me and a power I never felt before. It was weird and I didn’t know how to descrivbe it to anyone. All I knew was I felt pretty badass. That night I fell asleep in bed feeling at peace with everything.

From then on I found the beauty in everyday little things. While on walks I would pick up little acorns and finding out they brought luck to your altar. I picked dandelions and kept them in mason jars for wishes adn luck and spells. I picked up herbs at the market to grow and use in different satchels. I built my altar slowly and with purpose. I built my library on different plants, herbs, crystals, and spells. It was amazing and I feel so accomplished with what I’ve gained. There’s so much more to learn and I’m honestly excited to document my progress.

So follow me through my stumble of learning witchcraft and tarot and rune readings and this kind of life. Bettering myself has never felt better.
Blessed be,

(Note: the spell I created and conducted did work and it was the summer of 2016 that I found just how powerful it was)


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