Daisy Voxbox…

…for the win! 

Ahhhh! I can’t believe I won a Voxbox! When I got the email to complete a short survey to see if I’d even be entered into the running, I didn’t think I’d get the box. But when the second email came, I knew! 

The first thing you should know about this box is that Influenster went all out for this box! It contains some really nice things! 🙂 

Here’s a rundown of everything that came in the Daisy Voxbox and my honest opinion of the products. 
Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Before this box I had yet to try any of the Live Clean collection. I was excited to try this Eco-friendly product that combines coconut milk, vitamins c, e, b5 and rice protein. What does that mean? Well, it nourishes and strengthens your hair without parabens or sulfates. After one use of these products I noticed my hair was shinier and softer than before. My routine was usually condition first and shampoo afterwards, but that isn’t the case with these products. Shampooing first and conditioning afterward has left my hair incredibly healthy. The smell is an added bonus. As soon as I got my Voxbox I opened the shampoo and conditioner and it smelled amazing. My hair smells like gummy bears and I love it!
SkinnyPop Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn

I’ve been a fan of SkinnyPop popcorn for awhile now so when I saw this in the box I was so excited! This particular SkinnyPop is a pop-up microwaveable box and it’s flavored with sea salt. SkinnyPop offers a chemical-free product, no mess, snack with light sea salt and just enough popcorn. It’s become one of my favorite snacks. I really enjoyed sharing this pop-up box with friends and sipping some wine. 
Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask

This mask has charcoal in it (all the rage right now!) and actually does detoxify pores. Charcoal really targets your problem areas and gathers all that pesky dirt hiding in your pores. I will say that this is not a mask to use every day. It targets your problem areas but it also can easily dry your skin out. Make sure to hydrate your skin after you take this mask off. 
Always Infinity

Can I get an AMEN for having some free feminine products in our Voxbox!!!! I’m an avid believer that pads and tampons should be available free for all women. So this was a great surprise. These pads are actually quite flexible. I was surprised that they weren’t stiff like other pads. Even the old Always were stiff. This actually contours to your body and undies to go with the flow. These pads also,while flexible, are great at catching any leaks. My most problematic days are my first 3 days of bleeding. It’s when I bleed the most and need the most protection. These pads worked great at night when you think you’ll wake up in a pool of your own blood. Can not thank Influenster enough for these gems!
Nature’s Bounty Probiotic Gummies

These gummies are actually great tasting. They’re still chewy like healthy vitamins usually are, but they have a nice flavor to them. That’s probably because they’re natural flavored. I noticed I felt less bloated when I took these so there’s a plus. I think I’ll purchase these for a few more months and see if they make any drastic changes. So far, they’re pretty good! 
Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt (coupon)

This was a nice surprise too. I don’t always use a lot of coupons but when they involve yogurt, you best believe I’m stocking up! I usually don’t purchase Dannon Greek Yogurt since it’s a little pricey for me. But it’s always so creamy and they have such great favors. I saw a cherry cheesecake one and had to have it! I usually pair these with some fresh fruit or granola and flax seed to beef it up for me. 
All in all, the Daisy Voxbox was a really great box. It was the perfect first box for me to get. Again, I did receive these items complimentary for testing purposes and all opinions are my own. interested in signing up? Don’t be afraid! It’s really fun and totally addicting! 🙂 


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