The best things in life….

…are free! Or at least a little free. As a poor witch living life, I’m always looking for bargains and treasures. I’m always heading to local vintage shops to find whatever I can for my altar or just cool things for my home. I went on a search to try new products for free and to just test out because even witches like some magical makeup and spa days. That’s when I found Influenster. (A portion of my blog will be dedicated to going through the how-to of Influenster and going through the contents of various Voxboxes I receive.) 

So what is Influenster? 

Influenster is a place where you can share your opinions on products you’ve used and influence others on what they purchase. So what you’ll want to do is download the app on your phone (this makes it easy to keep updating later on) or head to the website. Sign up (it’s completely free!) and begin editing your profile and take some surveys. You’ll want to update your bio and even set a picture for it. All these things contribute to how Influensters see you and the decision in getting a Voxbox. After doing that you’ll want to connect all your social media profiles. That includes Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, four square, google plus, Pinterest, blogger, wordpress, and/or you’re own personal blog site. 

After connecting all that, it adds up all your followers and gives you your impact score. Mine is only 837 right now and is medium. So you’ll want to connect as many as possible. Next, you need to do your snaps and any snaps you recieve. Snaps are the surveys over particular products and brands. Between some products you’ll see different reviews you must complete on products you’ve tried. Here is a chance for you to shine! Add pics, make sure your review is long and detailed, and most importantly don’t make it boring. Think about what kind of reviews you like to read. They aren’t “oh this was an okay product, might buy again.” They’re detailed. Why would you buy this again? Why wouldn’t you? Don’t be afraid to share your true feelings here. People want to know if they’re going to spend their money wisely. 

Once you’ve set up your profile and completed your snaps, don’t just leave and never come back. Make sure to check back often and frequently. I open my app at least 10 times a day looking at new snaps and any notifications. If you are in the running for a Voxbox they’ll send you an email and notification. Once you complete a short survey you’re entered to receive one. They’ll also send you a notification on when they send out your box and a shipping number to track your box. 

It may take some time to receive your first Voxbox and after your first one it may take some time to receive your next box. It all depends. But that shouldn’t deter you from being an active member in the community. Make sure you check the app, check the snaps, and comment or ask questions about different products. Any little thing helps. 

Some people don’t understand why I spend time even doing this. Well…some things in life are free but not everything. Your time is what you give to Influenster. But in the long run, I really do enjoy trying new products for my home, for myself, and for others for free. It’s an easy way to try new products without the hassle of spending money on a product only to find that you have no use for it. I think it’s at least a cool thing to try out. Even if you aren’t sure. You don’t have much to lose. 

Check back for a post on my newest Voxbox, the Daisy Voxbox!

(Image above is not mine)


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