Hello all! Welcome to Elli White Witch’s blog! This is where I share what I’m up to for you all to see. If you should happen to also follow me on Instagram you already know that I’m a tarot reading, yoga doing, tea drinking, rune casting, crystal shopping white witch. This blog is a means for you to follow my progress through all these activities. I’ll be updating my blog when I do a new reading, when I make progress with yoga, when I purchase a new tea worthy of mentioning, when I complete new rune readings and study, and when I purchase new crystals (with their meanings of course). I’m also an Influenster! So you’ll see some blog posts about different products and Voxboxes that I receive! 🙂 Remember, I’m new to all this! So if you have any ideas of how I should proceed with any of these topics, feel free to send me some tips!


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